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Eagle Rock Resources Inc. was registered and incorporated in Canada in the year of 2016. It focuses on the trade of  bulk mineral, commodities, specifically lateritic nickel ores imported from Philippines, Indonesia, etc. to China.

The Company has a full line of nickel ore products including low, medium and high grades. With stable and quality  mine resources, a safe and reliable shipping fleet, and professional talents, the Company is able to accommodate the needs of various clients, to provide long-term first class services and has made contributions to the development of the stainless-steel industry and other industries.

The company have achieved a trade volume of nearly five million tons of nickel ore in 2019, among which the total volume of nickel ore we imported from Philippines accounts for about 15% of the Philippine total nickel ore exports.

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             Why Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock is relatively young, but its main shareholders have been involved in the transportation of nickel ores since 2005 and rich resources and connections in the Philippines and Indonesia are gained over the last 14 years. The trade volume of nickel ores of the Company in 2019 was nearly five million tons. The Company has established long-term and stable cooperation relationship with CTP, PGMC, ADNAMA, CNC, WNC, UAA, AGATA, PAX LIBERA, CMDC, LNL, SANDS MINING, ANTAM and other major players. 

Furthermore, Eagle Rock has gripped the good opportunity of cooperating with CTP in the Philippines which has rich and quality nickel ore mine resources. The Company has reached a long-term cooperation agreement with CTP, and this will undoubtedly reinforce the market share and influence of the Company.

In addition, Eagle Rock boasts a team of experienced expatriate staff who are familiar with local resources and the Company also enjoys the support of a reliable shipping fleet with whom we have worked for a long time. Accordingly, both the quality of the cargo and its reliable efficient delivery will be guaranteed.

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1488 W Hastings Street, Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6G 3J6

+1 778 953 1471

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